Kinds of children's mattresses
Now there are many different types of mattresses. In addition to cold foam mattresses and spring mattresses, the bed retailer also offers natural mattresses and latex mattresses. The specimens range from cheap to sinfully expensive and so many families wonder what it really matters when buying a children's mattress. Very important is a breathable core, because just like us adults also sweat children in the night. Children's mattresses made of coconut fibers or natural latex is very popular. But also modern cold foam mattresses offer a good sleeping comfort and support the nocturnal regeneration. Which mattress is finally purchased of course depends on whether the child against any materials has an allergy.

One should also keep in mind

That a good mattress can only develop all its positive qualities when the right slatted frame is under it! Not every mattress fits every slatted frame. If you buy both together, you are on the safe side here.

Mattresses for children - Tips for buying

Child mattresses have proven to be extremely practical with a removable, washable cover. How quickly happens at night a little mishap or the bottle runs out. With a washable cover the damage is quickly fixed and the bed is ready for use again the next evening. If you like, you can also equip the cot between mattress and fitted sheet with a water-repellent inlay. In winter, when it's really crispy outside, a virgin wool cover on the children's mattress serves well.

More about bedwetting in children

Well advised are parents, which do not simply strike at the next special offer in the discounter, but inform themselves in detail in the bed retailer about the possibilities offered. Competent technical staff explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of mattresses and of course also a sample lying is possible.

Are used children's mattresses an alternative?

One more word about used mattresses: they are really not a good choice. A mattress has a limited lifespan and should be replaced with a new one after 5 to 6 years at the latest. Even from one child to the next, the mattress should not be passed on for hygienic reasons. To whom the purchase of a new mattress seems too expensive, that said: a good mattress for children is also a nice gift, when grandma and grandfather ask again what the grandchild needs for a birthday or for Christmas.

Rule of thumb for the right size kids mattress

The measure is exactly right if the mattress is about 20 cm longer than the height. At the latest, if the child has space at the top and bottom of the mattress of less than 10 cm, a new one must be produced.

Our tip:

Mattresses for children with a removable, washable cover have proved to be extremely practical. With a washable cover wetness can be quickly washed out until the next night.

What material should a children's mattress be?

Most commonly used is cold foam, coconut, latex and foam. All these materials can provide optimal comfort. Foam mattresses are priced lower than latex, coconut and cold foam mattresses. But these three have a slightly higher quality.

You should pay attention to this when choosing the mattress:

Do not try in the evening but with advantage in the morning. Because when you are tired, you will find every bed great.
  • If you share a bed, you should not choose one partner alone. A 1.8 m tall man has different requirements than a petite woman. If the differences in sleeping position and body weight / height are serious, you should consider choosing two small ones instead of one big mattress. The resulting inconvenient "crackle" can be eliminated by a continuous million pad.
  • The mattress should fit your sleeping habits. Therefore, think about it in advance.
  • In side-sleepers, the lateral body contour varies greatly - so the shoulders must be sufficiently relieved. Therefore, a softer mattress is an advantage here.
  • For abdominal and back sleepers in turn tighter mattresses are suitable because they better support and prevent the body sags in the middle area.
Choose a degree of hardness that makes you feel comfortable when lying down. These range from H1 to H4 (i.e. from extremely soft to extremely hard). However, these degrees of hardness do not correspond to a defined standard and can therefore vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • Also pay attention to the bed climate. Are you someone who sweats fast? Depending on there are different cover fabrics, which can regulate the moisture absorption and removal.
  • In general, the mattress cover plays an essential role. This should be as easy as possible and stable. For people who are allergic to dust mites.
Technical terms mattresses: hardness

Unfortunately, there is no uniform standardization of mattress hardness. Each manufacturer has its own classification, some of which differ greatly from each other. Hardness 2 of manufacturer A may feel softer or harder than the same rating of manufacturer B. With the degree of hardness division’s weight recommendations of the manufacturer go, e.g. hardness level 2 can be identified by one manufacturer up to 80 kg, while another manufacturer his H2 mattress recommended only up to 70 kg body weight. Read more on it here: tempurpedic reviews.
  • Has enforced up to 4 degrees of hardness, ranging from H1 (soft) to H4 (hard). Most people choose hardness grade 2 or 3. But basically the given hardness information only provides a rough orientation and no possibility of comparison. Further confusion on the subject of mattress hardness also contributes that the company uses its own hardness standard.
  • It is therefore not recommended to choose a mattress only according to the degree of hardness, because the probability of making the wrong choice is high.
  • Point elasticity and surface elasticity of mattresses
  • Mattresses can be divided into point-elastic and area-elastic on the basis of their ability to adapt to the contours of the body when lying down.

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